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Financial Fraud and How To Keep From Being a Victim

Episode Notes

Financial Fraud hit record highs in 2020, and there are a myriad number of ways you can be scammed.  Today, Kevin Dick of KDI Wealth walks us through some of the different (and sophisticated) ways people try to play on your emotions and separate you from your hard earned money.  If you are scammed, it's important that you take action.  Don't be embarrassed; scammers are becoming better and smarter.

  1. How does one become a victim of financial fraud?
  2. How big a deal is this?  How much money is subject to this fraud each year?
  3. What are some examples of different acts of financial fraud?
  4. How does one keep their information safe?
  5. How does Kevin, as an advisor, keep information safe and recognize when these acts might be happening?
  6. What does one do when they have been a victim of financial fraud?

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